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1 February 2012, No comments

“Oh dear Jesus. Please protect us, Lord! “ I heard the women sitting next to me on my flight from New York to Philly shout out for the 10th time. …


MS epatient meets German clinical trial

5 January 2012, 7 Comments

Speedy, well-run trials giving birth to break through novel therapies is what we all want. Clinical trials are thus the most crucial collaboration bet ...


Meet e-patient Birgit

5 January 2012, No comments

Birgit Bauer is a true German power woman: independent journalist, social media savvy, Bavarian and patient activist… Oh, and she has MS as well ...


Becoming a “patient-like-me” in EU

17 September 2011, No comments

When he was diagnosed with a rare disease, e-patient Àngel could not find good information nor an online community and support for his condition. In ...

  • Meet e-patient Angel
    17 September 2011, No comments

    Ángel and I have known each other for a long time (esp. if you count in social media years). I met Ángel via twitter, because he and his community ideagoras ...

  • Meet e-patient Anne
    15 September 2011, No comments

    I met Anne through Amy Tenderich (thanks Amy!) because Anne is diabetesmine‘s biggest German fan. My video interview with Anne will explore in detail her infatuation for the US diabetes ...

  • Meet e-patient Kathi
    5 September 2011, No comments

    There aren’t many patients as active on twitter than Kathi Apostolidis, aka @kgapo. Kathi was born and raised in downtown Athens, Greece. She is a Public Affairs Consultant and her ...