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8 March 2012, 46 Comments

Beyond its impressive reach, Twitter has furthermore created an unprecedented opportunity to influence highly targeted pockets of conversations. It thus provides pharma with the unique chance to demonstrate that it …


Dave’s e-mazing bootcamp or why “e” also means experience!

1 February 2012, No comments

“Oh dear Jesus. Please protect us, Lord! “ I heard the women sitting next to me on my flight from New York to Philly shout out for the 10th time. ...


Você twitta em português? Do you tweet in Portuguese?

10 January 2012, 2 Comments

Portuguese is the leading language on twitter after English (see Sysomos study here). Unfortunately, in our geographical benchmark of the followers of ...


MS epatient meets German clinical trial

5 January 2012, 7 Comments

Speedy, well-run trials giving birth to break through novel therapies is what we all want. Clinical trials are thus the most crucial collaboration bet ...

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    Meet e-patient Birgit
    5 January 2012, No comments

    Birgit Bauer is a true German power woman: independent journalist, social media savvy, Bavarian and patient activist… Oh, and she has MS as well: Fräulein Trulla is how Birgit calls ...

  • Follower color coded by number of pharma accounts followed
    The myth of the pharma super fan
    16 December 2011, No comments

    With this post, let us examine the long standing myth that phama on twitter is one big bubble of conversation driven by a few pharma super fans. We examined in ...

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    Why pharma engagement on twitter matters!
    9 December 2011, 3 Comments

    The fact that thousands of stakeholders chose to follow pharma accounts on twitter deserves our attention. It says that there are people out there genuinely interested in what pharma has ...

  • @angel189
    Becoming a “patient-like-me” in EU
    17 September 2011, No comments

    When he was diagnosed with a rare disease, e-patient Àngel could not find good information nor an online community and support for his condition. In the interview below, Àngel shared ...

  • Meet e-patient Angel
    17 September 2011, No comments

    Ángel and I have known each other for a long time (esp. if you count in social media years). I met Ángel via twitter, because he and his community ideagoras ...