About the blog

The Internet holds the power to profoundly change the way healthcare is delivered.
Millions of patients, caregivers and physicians turn to the Internet every day to look up the latest information on important health topics and find support from like-minded people.

They like the information they receive from online communities. They trust it more than mainstream sources. They use it to discuss and influence treatment decisions every day.

Social media thus has created unprecedented opportunities to influence awareness, access and adherence to treatment. It provides pharma with the unique chance to demonstrate that it can be open and transparent; with the opportunity to show how much it cares about patients. I believe that pharma has an important role to play in this digital healthcare revolution, but that it cannot do so alone. A pharma company, wishing to use social media to improve patient outcomes, can only do so successfully if it manages to build trust, credibility and collaboration with the online community first.

In this blog, I show examples of how patients and other stakeholders of the healthcare system use social media today to improve patient care. I also discuss how pharmaceutical companies can drive awareness, access and adherence to their treatments through skillful use of these tools. Finally, I hope to ignite a debate around the do’s and dont’s of pharmaceutical involvement in social media.

The views expressed in this blog are personal. Please do not take anything I say as medical advice. I am not a physcian.

About the author

slola-35Silja Chouquet is the owner and CEO of whydot GmbH, an agency specialized in social media consulting, coaching and training. Her fields of expertise are the creation of patient-focused social media communications and marketing campaigns.

Prior to starting her own business, Silja built a solid track record as a consultant and line manager in the health care industry with over ten years of experience. She worked for major pharmaceutical companies, where she held senior positions in sales, strategic planning, market research and business intelligence.

Silja started her career as a senior consultant at Mercer Management (now Oliver Wyman). She holds a BS in International Business and Marketing from Georgetown University in Washington DC and an MBA from INSEAD.
Silja grew up in Germany, studied in the US and worked in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland. She currently lives with her husband Francis, their daughter Lola and their two cats in Basel, Switzerland.