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6 April 2010, 5 Comments

First let me apologize to all my readers for the long silence on my blog: travel, the organization of the HCMSEU unconference as well as the usual insanity of running …


Pharma twittersphere – who is following you- Part II

29 January 2010, 13 Comments

This is Part II of the analysis on pharma’s twitter presence. If you remember, we saw in part I that some pharma companies seem to be more enga ...


Pharma twittersphere – who is following you – Part I

20 January 2010, 13 Comments

Upon popular demand, I decided to kick off this year with an update of my Pharma twittersphere analysis. In this analysis I will compare how many peop ...


The white elephant in the room: the FDA hearing and DTC

6 December 2009, 11 Comments

The FDA hearing on social media took place almost a month ago already and a lof of ink (or pixel for that matter) has flown since on what was presente ...