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  • Meet e-patient Anne
    15 September 2011, No comments

    I met Anne through Amy Tenderich (thanks Amy!) because Anne is diabetesmine‘s biggest German fan. My video interview with Anne will explore in detail her infatuation for the US diabetes ...

  • Hcsm Global Camp: now on google map!
    9 September 2011, No comments

    Just a quick post to tell everyone how excited I am to attend the hcsm global camp on Monday in Brighton. We should have some fantastically mind blowing conversation coming ...

  • Meet e-patient Kathi
    5 September 2011, No comments

    There aren’t many patients as active on twitter than Kathi Apostolidis, aka @kgapo. Kathi was born and raised in downtown Athens, Greece. She is a Public Affairs Consultant and her ...

  • epatient-600
    Meet e-patient Jan
    1 August 2011, 5 Comments

    Jan Geissler was my dream candidate for a first interview with European epatients. Jan is one of the few true European patient voices and has been active online for over ...

  • epatient-600
    Yes, we e!
    1 August 2011, No comments

    e-patient Dave is a rock star that has made national news more than once. Amy Tenderich, known via her famous blog diabetesmine, is a must read for any diabetic trying ...

  • Twitter
    How to do a Twesentation
    6 July 2011, No comments

    I just went through my slideshare presentations, as part of my summer clean up, and was awed to find this presentation feature over 1600 views! Andrew and I gave it ...