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I met Anne through Amy Tenderich (thanks Amy!) because Anne is diabetesmine‘s biggest German fan. My video interview with Anne will explore in detail her infatuation for the US diabetes social media, but let’s first explore her background below:

Anne please tell us about yourself.


I am a 32 year old German girl, living in Berlin. I work in a media agency that works for the German ministries such as the Minsitry of Science and Education, the Ministry of Health or the Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety.

Why did you start blogging?


Actually, before I started Blogging myself  I spent several months reading Blogs of differents kinds: Blogs that were dealing with literature, Blogs that were dealing with lifestyle stuff, Blogs about Living with Diabetes, Foodblogs … I startetd a German Foodblog myself:

I noticed that there are many blogs of Diabetics and about living with Diabetes as a chronicle challenge in English language but very few German ones.

Finally I discovered Twitter and its vivid communication – worldwide. There I found my option to join the virtual community of Diabetics. (

I don’t have the manpower to start another blog, nor do I want to only communicate about living with my disease. But I do want to stay in touch with other people, that struggle with the same challenges. People that I do have more in common with but a diagnosis: an attitude towards life. And I want to stay in touch with the news concerning therapies, tools and politics – international!

What do you wish to change by writing a blog and tweeting?


First of all my own wellbeing. My feeling of being all alone, lost. I am not alone anymore

What reactions do you hope for from other patients, doctors, nurses, insurances, Pharma etc. in reaction to your blogging and tweeting?

I don’t have a forum myself but I wish that they would be more aware of the help that is provided through the online community for every patient that is willing to join. It doesn’t cost a cent. Joining this community is not only helpful but highly broadening one’s horizon and motivating.

From insurance companies I would appreciate if they simply joined the conversation. From Pharma I am looking for more communication, to be quicker and more efficient as well as patient focused in their research.

According to you, what is the best resource on diabetes in German? By pharma?


I can’t recommend any site actually. Of course there is:

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