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Just a quick post to tell everyone how excited I am to attend the hcsm global camp on Monday in Brighton. We should have some fantastically mind blowing conversation coming up around these amazing topics:


Trust filters and health information

Patients need reliable, relevant, accessible, best-evidence, patient oriented health information. They seldom find it. Who can patients look to as trust filters of health information? That is to say, where are patients being directed in the first instance to look for health information? By whom are they being sent? What do they find? What is their response? What would a patient-designed health information trust filter look like?

The evolution of the HCP-patient relationship

The health conversation needs strong representation from every constituency of interest. Patients are mobilizing across geographies in many different contexts, but the healthcare professional voice remains fragmented, and is arguably especially weak in areas of Europe compared to other geographies (cf. USA, Canada). In parallel, the nature of the dialogue between healthcare professionals and patients is evolving as the participatory medicine agenda and the idea of shared decision making gain momentum. How can healthcare professionals be encouraged to participate? Who are the leading voices? How can their best practice be disseminated? How is the evolution of the HCP-patient relationship improving health outcomes?

Healthcare design, healthcare delivery: social media, the ideal, and the real

Whilst it is hard to conceive how health systems could be retooled from the ground up, we can not only imagine, but hopefully also realize in fact, how the design of SM tools can help to deliver substantive improvements to patient outcomes, and thereby lead the reform of health systems? How realistic are these aspirations? What examples of best practice can we point to? What tangible, real world improvements in outcomes for patients can we identify? (US now online)

Of course, we will broadcast all of our thoughts and discussions using interactive Webcam / Twitter-driven sessions as to include the hcsmglobal community members who are not attending in person.

Thanks to John Worth, who is your host, we have the most amazing venue for our event. Until recently the building was home to Worth, a digital marketing and communications agency working mainly in health education and consumer healthcare. It’s now home to the health 2.0 startup Know Your Own Health.  Co-founded by John, this is an online supported self-management service aimed at people managing long-term conditions (full-service launch in Q1 2012).

20 Middle Street
Brighton, UK

You will be very welcome to make 20 Middle Street your home on the day.
Just 100 metres from the seafront, it’s full of history – listed as the place where William Friese-Greene invented the cinematographic process.  

It’s a compact but light and airy building that will comfortably accommodate 50 of us.  Feel free to use the whole building except where it’s obvious that people are working (only a handful).
There are plenty of different spaces to work and huddle in.  Almost half the building comprises a stairwell atria which will be ideal for poster presentations and capturing ideas and thoughts on post-its etc.

And of course, of course, there is a Sunday social event planned:

For those of you arriving in Brighton on Sunday evening and staying over we are arranging a social gathering.

6:00pm: meet at the 20 Middle Street venue for drinks, complements of your hosts.

7:30pm: short walk to the seafront for supper at the famous and very reasonably priced Regency Restaurant.

Afterwards, if you are still in the mood, maybe move onto a nearby bar or pub venue.

Important: please let us know if you want to play on Sunday so we can give the restaurant advance notice of roughly what the numbers will be by emailing felice.ayling@kyoh.org. Thanks! :)

Last, but not least, the camp will only be as good as the people traveling there to be with us. As a thanks to all of you and to show our “globalization”, please check out the map below with eveyones twitter handles, of course, so you can find and connect to one another.

View HCSM Global Camp in a full screen map

Please add your name to the list here, if you are not appearing on the map.

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