Yes, we e!

Written by Silja on 1 August 2011 in epatients - No comments

e-patient Dave is a rock star that has made national news more than once. Amy Tenderich, known via her famous blog diabetesmine, is a must read for any diabetic trying to inform him or herself about the disease. Manny Hernandez leads the online diabetes advocacy and the over 20,000 thousand patient strong forum tudiabetes. Lisa Emrich represents a fountain of MS & RA knowledge online through her blog and as an expert on health central. RA warrior Kelly fights Rheumathoid Arthritis with encouragement and information online every day.

All of these famous examples of e-patient engagement have one thing in common: They are US based! So where are the EU e-patients? Does this mean we do not have any? Of course we do: We have computers, we have the internet, we have patients that need information and support! Thus we also must have e-patients in Europe!

Undoubtedly though, the behavior of EU e-patients differs from their US brothers and sisters in a couple of fundamental ways. This explains why it is more difficult to identify who they are and where they are active. This summer, I will publish a series of interviews to both reveal some of these differences as well as introduce you to some of the leading e-patients in Europe.

Yes, we e…even in Europe! Meet our European e-patients!

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