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Microsoft PowerPoint
16 August 2011, 33 Comments

Yesterday, facebook opened comments on all its fan pages and consequently closed a chapter in the book of pharma social media engagement. As expected, (and brilliantly monitored by Jonathan Richman …


Where do EU e-patients search for information online?

1 August 2011, No comments

Please find below a quick video interview with Jan Geissler from Patvocates. I asked Jan how cancer e-patients in Europe search for online information ...


Meet e-patient Jan

1 August 2011, 5 Comments

Jan Geissler was my dream candidate for a first interview with European epatients. Jan is one of the few true European patient voices and has been act ...


Yes, we e!

1 August 2011, No comments

e-patient Dave is a rock star that has made national news more than once. Amy Tenderich, known via her famous blog diabetesmine, is a must read for an ...