Roche guidance won’t impact us…but it might impact our convo

Written by Silja on 26 August 2010 in Guidance, guidance & regulations, Regulations - 1 Comment

Finally in the last video of the Roche Social Media guidance series, I asked everyone how the guidance would impact their work and readiness to collaborate with Roche online…what followed was one of the most interesting discussions so far:

In addition to all the video responses, Berci and Manny shared their thoughts with us via email:


Bertalan Mesko, MD, a.k.a Berci

“Not really, but the purpose of publishing this code of conduct was absolutely different. They wanted, or I hope they wanted, to generate discussions, get feedback from all the stakeholders and maybe work together with other companies on a universal guide.”


Manny Hernandez, tudiabetes

“The one thing I am not sure I missed but I think is VERY important is to be mindful of the guidelines/rules of the communities/spaces where they choose to participate (even within their own Roche social media code of conduct). There may be instances where a particular community is not OK with having even a transparent/full-disclosure pharma representative and pharma needs to be respectful of those guidelines too.”

I am deeply thankful to everyone who participated in this series, as well as to those who reacted and shared their thoughts and comments on this blog and via twitter. ;-) I also thank Roche for having taken this step towards transparency and engagement and am curious to hear more about their next steps:

- How did Roche employees react to the guidance? Will it encourage them to engage more in the future?

- What can we expect from Roche as a company now? Will there be more engagement ? Around which topics or issues?

- What does Roche expect from us, their online stakeholders?

Any other questions you would like to hear about from Roche? Let me know ;-)

DISCLAIMER: For full transparency, please find a video disclaimer from Amy Tenderich here.

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