Is the Roche social media guidance clear?

Written by Silja on 24 August 2010 in Guidance, guidance & regulations - 1 Comment

Off we go for round 2 of our interview series on the Roche social media guidance:

Is the Roche social media guidance clear?

In addition to the video responses, Berci and Manny were so nice to chip in their feedback via mail:


Bertalan Mesko, MD, a.k.a Berci

“The guidance is clear, maybe clearer than I expected. Actually, I think their original code of conduct is much more detailed, but they had to use a public version for generating a discussion, obviously. I would love to see more details about specific social media activities (how to use Twitter for writing about the company or how to mine the power of LinkedIn, etc.).”


Manny Hernandez, tudiabetes

“I found it was good to see this line:
“Have rules in place to deal with potential Adverse Event reports…”
Very promising, since this has been one of the reasons that most pharmaceutical companies choose to not participate in social media or do it in ways that are really not “social” in nature (closing comments, etc.)”

Thanks to all of you for participating in this! You actually also had a lot to say about the split into personal and professional guidance sections. I thus reflected this and edited your responses into another separate video on this topic which I will release  tomorrow…so stay tuned ;-)

DISCLAIMER: For full transparency, please find a video disclaimer from Amy Tenderich here.

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