Opinion poll on Roche social media guidance

Written by Silja on 22 August 2010 in Guidance, guidance & regulations, Regulations - 3 Comments

Last week Roche published its social media guidance in this special section on their corporate website. Roche’s initiative was followed by a wave of applause and positive commentary from the online community.

I immediately was compelled to add my thoughts. Upon reflection though, I decided to take a more structured approach to my feedback. After all, my opinion is only an infinitely small angle in the universe of stakeholders that Roche ought to engage with via social media. I thus launched a quick opinion poll amongst what I consider key influencers for Roche online. I asked them four questions:

1. Does it matter to you that Roche publicizes this guidance? Why? Why not?
2. Is the guidance clear? Does it cover the points you would like to see?
3. Will this impact your comfort level to collaborate with Roche online?
4. Should other pharmaceutical companies follow suit?

The echo to my call has been amazing! Eleven responses: two by mail, 9 via video! Here is the list of the high profile opinion leaders that participated:

p-c974443e1fdc11dd80d4003048343a40-large-1004Phil Baumann is a registered nurse with a background in enterprise accounting and treasury operations. He blogs primarily about how technologies influence us, with an emphasis on health care applications of social software. He founded #RNchat, a Twitter chat for registered nurses and is a member of the Better Health network of bloggers. Phil recently launched Health is Social, where he and others bring together views not only on healthcare’s adoption of social media but also on how the industry can go way beyond the tools and design more social business processes.

twitterprofilephoto_biggerDave de Bronkart, a.k.a. epatient Dave, is an accomplished speaker and writer who is actively engaged in opening health care information directly to patients on an unprecedented level, thus creating a new dynamic in how information is delivered, accessed and used by the patient. He recently published his book “Laugh, Sing and Eat Like a Pig” on how he beat stage IV cancer.

lisa_emrich_photo_biggerLisa Emrich is a professional musician. She happens to live with multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis while keeping a close eye on the monster which is depression. She did nothing to cause her chronic illness but she seeks to live well in spite of it. In 2007, Lisa began blogging at Brass and Ivory, focusing primarily on health policy issues and big pharma. By December she decided to start talking about multiple sclerosis and it’s effect on her daily life. Subsequently she cultivated a thriving community of MS Bloggers who collaborate on the bi-weekly Carnival of MS Bloggers.

mannyaade2010-1_biggerManny Hernandez is a social media expert and diabetes advocate. In 2009, he authored Ning for Dummies and contributed to Twitter Marketing for Dummies. Manny is the President of the Diabetes Hands Foundation, 501(c)(3) nonprofit that connects people touched by diabetes and raises diabetes awareness. He is the founder of tudiabetes and estudiabetes, 2 social networks with more than 25,000 members.

matt-jameson-evansDr. Matt Jameson-Evans is a doctor and director at HealthUnlocked a growing network that connects patients, nurses and doctors allowing them to pool together and quantify knowledge and experience. Matt’s medical background is Orthopaedic Surgery and he is co-chair of RemedyUK, a grass roots pressure group that lobbies on issues that relate to UK hospital doctors.

mack_new_avatar_biggerJohn Mack, a.k.a. pharmaguy on Twitter, answers questions about his background and provides on his Pharma Marketing Blog his opinions on how pharmaceutical companies will use social media in the future.

Bertalan Mesko, MD, a.k.a. Berci, is a medical doctor doing a PhD in clinical genomics. Berci is also a medical blogger at logo2_bigger1Scienceroll.com, the founder of the first medical web 2.0 guidance service at Webicina.com and launched the first university credit course for medical students that focuses on web 2.0 and medicine (med20course.wordpress.com)


Lawrence Sherman, a.k.a meducate on Twitter, is a Global continuing medical education expert with a proven history of designing, developing, implementing and evaluating strategic Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities around the world. Lawrence is a medical consultant by training and an avid user of social media. Please vote for his SXSW Panel about CME and Social Media here

8bf242e2-22d9-478a-8158-957c4578da9e_biggerAndrew Spong is Editorial Director, Nexus, a new brand forthcoming in Septmber focused on interpreting the health conversation for the industry. A leading healthcare blogger at STweM, Andrew is also the co-founder of #hcsmeu, a weekly healthcare conversation that takes place on twitter.

twitterprofilephoto_bigger1Amy Tenderich was diagnosed with Type 1 in May 2003. In 2005, she started diabetesmine, one the most influential diabetes patient blogs today. Amy holds a BA in Journalism and a MA in Communication Studies. After living overseas and many years of PR/marketing work for high-tech companies in Silicon Valley, she is currently a freelance writer and consultant in the health and diabetes industries as well as a full-time mom.

sw_3d2_biggerSteve Woodruff is Founder and President of Impactiviti. He’s the Recommendation Guy in pharmaceutical sales training. Steve is already a active and influential healthcare industry commentator via his Impactivity blog.

I so am deeply thankful to everyone for participating on such short notice as well as for the genuine openness of the responses. It is this reactivity and readiness to share that made me fall in love with social media in the first place…and you guys are keeping the flame alive! THANK YOU!

I felt Roche took a bold step by publishing its social media guidance…but will this tough panel of epatients, physicians and industry commentators agree with me? Stay tuned for the first video release at 11:00 CET tomorrow, Monday Aug 23rd to find out more :-)

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