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Written by Silja on 31 August 2009 in #hcsmeu - 3 Comments

This is an unusually personal post for me. It is the detailed schedule of my fall travel plans, in the hope that some of you will actually meet up with me in “meat space” for once ;-) .

So, here are the juicy details:

Sept 23rd- 26th:


I will be in London for client meetings and our first official #hcsmeu live tweet up!

I will write a separate post on the details soon ;-) . It is going to be amazing to meet many of you in person after having discussed so many times on twitter, skype, mail etc.

Can you believe, for example, that Andrew and I set up this whole #hcsmeu business without EVER meeting face-to-face? Anyone know, what he is like for real – scary?… Oooh just kidding, Andy, you will always be one of my favorite blogger buddies ;-)

Oct 25th – Nov 6th:

My big US trip this fall!


I was invited to participate in the eyeforpharma 4th annual eCommunications and Online Marketing summit in Philadelphia, Nov 3-4th. I am going to be part of a panel with INCREDIBLE people such as Jon, Steve, John and Wendy.

How did this happen? And what will we be talking about? I don’t know. I am still completely ecstatic to be part of this, SOOOO exciting! I will tell you all about it, as we are preparing and getting closer to the event.

I am taking advantage of being over on the other side of the Atlantic and will attend the e-patient connections 2009 conference (Oct 26-27th) also in Philly, as well as making trips to New Jersey (Oct 28th-30th) and New York (Nov 5-6th).

You can see all my upcoming trips on my linkedIn profile, via TripIt. Please contact me directly, if you want to meet up with me.

Beware: This fall season, watch out for the swine flu… AND whydotpharma!

3 Comments on "Whydotpharma on the road…"

  1. Andrew Spong 1 September 2009 at 6 h 03 min ·

    I only turn psychotic when people call me ‘Andy’, so you’ve nothing to worry about.

    Hang on, hang on… ;)

    It’s been such a pleasure working with you on #hcsmeu, Silja, and we’ve only just started.

    CONGRATULATIONS on being invited to participate in the #efp event to fly the flag for the Brand of You, not to mention WhyDot and #hcsmeu. What a wonderful line-up of names that have become familiar to anyone interested in the marketing of health care and social media. I’ll look forward to the back-channel discussion with real interest (and yes, you can count on me practically living in that particular feed for a couple of days).

    Goodness me, you’ve got a busy schedule there. Happy trails, and come back safely :)

  2. Berci Mesko 1 September 2009 at 6 h 26 min ·

    Have a nice trip, Silja and please tweet/blog live.

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