Pharma twitter ranking- 3 Robots and one Oddball

Written by Silja on 24 April 2009 in pharma twittersphere - 2 Comments

I decided to waste some time this evening checking out twitter statistics on twanalyst for my favorite corporate pharma twitter accounts: Boehringer, Novartis, JNJComm, Roche and AstraZenecaUS. As I pointed out in my previous post: Pharma and twitter these companies have dared to take the jump into this new microblogging thing fairly recently – so KUDOS to them.

So let’s have some fun with my twitter ranking:

1. Boehringer is winning in my ranking for being the ODDBALL in this analysis (all others are ROBOTS). Boehringer is obsessive, cautious and chatty. Boehringer has been tweeting longest and thus has most status updates (217), followers (1011) and is following 814 people! Bravo!

2. JNJComm by Marc Monseau wins my second place with 129 status updates, 862 followers and following 692. JNJComm also is obsessive and cautious but is a ROBOT! Ouch ;-)

3. Novartis wins my third place. Also a ROBOT, but one with a large following (862) and with for only 41 updates! Now I just love the personality description: renowed, sociopathic and obscure – sounds like a vampire theme ;-) Oh and Novartis is  following noone – which wins it the description “vain“ by the system – start following people, guys!

4.  I am attributing the 4th place to both AstraZenecaUS and Roche. Both are ROBOTS. Roche has made a lot of updates (52) for the relative short time it has been around (Feb 09), whilst AZ has a larger following (557 vs. 369) and is following more people (140 vs. 85) than Roche.

KUDOS to all of you to engage with social media and it is my pleasure to follow you ;-)

PS.: my twitter personality is BOFFIN, I am inquisitive, fair and chatty

- oh and I only have 310 followers, so don’t hesitate to follow me ;-) ))

Great weekend to everyone!

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