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Poor me, I got so excited this morning when I read about the NHS engaging with social media. It is actually NOT the NHS but an action group run by two NHS doctors as a political action group for patients (and staff) against the NHS administration.  See their other action group site Thank you so much for pointing my error out to me Ron ;-)

Oh well, I still believe this site is absolutely the right direction- so KUDOS to the remedyuk guys, you do a good job of showing the way… still what a pity NHS is not taking this on yet… :-(

Will have to continue to search for other examples of EURO government social media focus…

CORRECTION- Yet, another one ;-) As you can see from Caspar‘s comment on my article: “NHS is taking the social media plunge“, the NHS did take a step towards social media by adding blogs to their site “nhs choices“ . According to Caspar, they are also comtemplating linking to patient generated social media - You go for it, NHS ;-)

I would also like to add, that I can imagine that the NHS is facing much of the same struggles as pharma in trying to define the correct terms of engagement with social media. So maybe both could leverage and learn from one another…

2 Comments on "ITS NOT THE NHS!!!"

  1. ron 7 March 2009 at 14 h 57 min ·

    Hi Silja

    It was such an enthusiastic and positive article I didn’t like to “spoil” it but I knew you needed to know!


  2. Silja 12 March 2009 at 21 h 05 min ·

    Thank you so much for pointing out my error to me, Ron. And the interest and energy the NHS and its challengers are putting into social media is great to see. By definition social media tools facilitate transparency and collaboration. Let’s hope this will also happen here ;-)

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